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Steadicam Manufacturers - Tiffen makers of Garrett Brown versions. Australian agent and service for Tiffen. MkV modular sled systems. - Ultimatte Sled and TB6 monitor. - Sachtler version. - For those without the big bucks. - Swiss manufacturer and accessories. - Rig and accessories, Germany. - build your own steadicam.

Steadicam Accessories

Brackets, Mounts and other widgets Lemac, Australian steadicam agent and service. Redesigned Steadicam Segway, engineered specifically for improved ergonomics and safety - Jerry Hill's useful brackets and widgets. - Wireless Video and brackets. - new and used rigs and accessories. - Back mounted vest - wet weather / dust covers - Green CRT monitor, video links, power converters. - Ride on motorised vehicle

Wireless lens control - Preston wireless lens controls - Home of the BFD wireless lens control Focus View, Los Angeles and Seoul, Sth Korea Multi Channel System, with 3D support - Focus, Iris, Zoom motors Popular budget system Budget System Budget System

Steadicam Societies and forums - Steadicam Operators Association - Steadicam forum, chat, info, classifieds - French operator's site - European forum in German, English, Spanish and Russian.

Steadicam Shots On the Web - a tribute to Steadicam Operators and their work.

Books, Manuals and Videos

Book 'The Steadicam® Operator's Handbook' by Jerry Holway and Laurie Hayball

Book 'Steadicam Techniques and Aesthetics' by Serena Ferrara (eBook) - 'Steadicam With Style' by Ted Churchill

Steadicam General

Garrett Brown - Garrett Browns site, more wizardry - Garrett Brown - Garrett Brown
Inventing the Future - And a Few Handy Gadgets Knowledge@Wharton Radio commercials by Garrett Brown and Anne Winn