Steadicam Operator's Workshops in Australia

How To Become a Steadicam Operator

When Garrett Brown invented the Steadicam he revolutionised the way movies are shot. Back then the Steadicam was a specialised piece of equipment that required a specialist operator and normally only brought on set for a particular shot or scene. Today the Steadicam has evolved into a standard, often essential piece of camera equipment on almost all feature films sets, so the demand for experienced Steadicam operators is greater than ever. They are now used extensively on live television broadcasts, documentaries and even small corporate video productions. A camera operator will greatly boost his prospects of gaining a camera crew position if he or she has Steadicam skills.

A Faster and Easier Way To Learn

The development of smaller Digital Cinema cameras, compact HDV cameras and 35mm HDSLRs has radically changed the way we make films and Tiffen Steadicam products has kept up with these developments by introducing a range of compact Steadicams. These newer, cheaper and lighter rigs are operated in an identical way to all the largerProfessional Film rigs. This has made learning the craft of Steadicam operating feasible for almost everyone. It has also put the cost of owning a Steadicam within reach of an operator starting out and gaining experience on smaller productions.

Why Do A Workshop?

Almost all the world’s top Steadicam operators started their Steadicam careers by participating in a workshop.

Operating a Steadicam requires a knowledge of how to set up and fine tune the balance of the rig for optimum performance. It then requires specific techniques and co-ordination to control the rig, make it fly where you want it to and maintain a perfectly framed shot, this process is much like learning to ride a surf board, bike or learn to ski, you'll probably be a little wobbly at first. A Steadicam workshop will teach you to all these techniques and getting you up and operating much faster.

As a camera operator proficient in Steadicam you will able to market yourself as a specialist operator and enjoy one of the most rewarding jobs on a film set.

About Steadi On Films Workshops

The Steadi On Films workshops are run by Phil Balsdon. Phil, who originally trained on a Garret Brown run workshop in 1984, has been instructing on Steadicam workshops since 1996. These include 3 major workshops with Garrett Brown - 2 of these Gold Workshops with Garrett and Jerry Holway (author of The Steadicam Operator's Handbook). Phil has been running 2 day lightweight workshops in Australia since the Steadicam Flyer was introduced in 2006.

"It has everything... art, athleticism, high remuneration and cachet!" - Ted Churchill/em>

For Steadicam workshops in other parts of the world contact The Steadicam Workshops

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Nick Tsamandanis. Focal Image Productions
Nick Tsamandanis

Former Student on Lightweight Flyer Workshop now owner operator of Steadicam Clipper, based in Adelaide, South Australia.