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Canon EOS C300 gets BBC approval

The Canon EOS C300 has received the

BBC’s required standards approval for internal and external cheap cialis india production of programmes for it’s HD channels. buy now

Canon EOS C300 Green Screen Codec Test

I normally don’t do a lot of shooting for green screen chroma key but I thought that the best way to test how good the MXF 4.2.2 50Mbps codec of the Canon EOS C300 really is would be a difficult and challenging green screen test.

I didn’t have to look far for a challenging subject, my partner Alison has wonderful naturally fine curly hair that I love, but she doesn’t like it, in her days as an on camera presenter and reporter she’d always been told she was impossible chroma key talent.

I edit with FCP 7 and I Logged and Transferred the camera footage in as Apple Pro Res (HQ). My usual chroma key plugin that I have installed in Final Cut is dvMatte Pro from DV Garage. This did a very good job quite quickly and easily. There are no issues with background spill but it did leave a very slight “shimmer” on the detail of the fine strands of Alison’s hair in the rendered composite.

Next I downloaded a trial version of Primatte Keyer 5.0 from Red Giant and tried that. There are some excellent tutorials at Red Giant

that guided me through the basic keying workflow very quickly. I applied the key to exactly the same footage and as you can see the results achieved in the second half of the video are really very good, especially when you consider I didn’t use any of the additional features for advanced keying in the Primatte Key package.

I’ve read a lot of criticism of the “only” 50Mbps 8 bit codec online, and on paper it might appear a little inadequate, but in practice however ordering viagra overnight delivery it is extremely robust. The aim wasn’t primarily to create a perfect key but see to see how far I could push the 4.2.2 50Mbps codec, I think it’s survived the challenge. I’d put this down to the way the Canon EOS C300 creates separate full 1920 x 1080 signals for each of the RGB channels without a debayering process, along with the double sampling of the green channel, which also contributes to the camera’s outstanding resolution.prescription medicine flagyl